Website Redesign: Wave goodbye to outdated websites with Webdesign 2.0

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, having a well-maintained and up-to-date company website is essential for success. Therefore, we proudly offer a fixed-price service that includes tailoring your website redesign according to your exact specifications and wishes. Our professional team will also ensure seamless integration of on-page SEO strategies to boost your online presence, as well as conduct a thorough DSGVO check to uphold the highest standards in privacy and data protection.

website redesign
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website redesign

Professional Website Redesign Tailored to Your Exact Specifications

Our package offers a one-stop solution for website owners to update their websites quickly and easily. With our carefree package, you will benefit from up-to-date website features.

Comprehensive on-page SEO Strategy

Our package also includes a customized on-page SEO strategy to help boost your website’s visibility and organic search engine rankings.

Thorough Website Audit for Redesign & Optimization Opportunities

Our package also includes a website audit to identify areas where website optimization could be improved. This helps to ensure that your website is up to the highest standards in terms of usability, responsiveness and website performance.

Site Security Checklist Compliant With GDPR Regulations

Finally, website owners can have peace of mind knowing that our package includes a complete security checklist to safeguard their website against any potential threats or vulnerabilities, while also adhering to GDPR regulations.

Content Replenishment to Ensure Redesign Website's Freshness & Relevance

We understand that website content needs to be regularly updated in order to remain relevant and fresh. That's why our website redesign package also includes regular content replenishment.

Redesign With Affordable Fixed-Price Packages With No Hidden Costs.

We offer fixed-price packages with no hidden costs. With our website redesign package, website owners can rest assured that they will get the best value for their money, without any surprises.

You buy securely via our verified payment provider Digistore24.
website redesign

Get Started on Your Website Redesign Today!


Order Webdesign 2.0 Package

The customer can order Webdesign 2.0 online by filling out an order form and submitting payment information.


Website Audit

Our team will conduct a website audit to identify optimization opportunities and areas where website security measures are needed.


Redesign Website

Based on your specifications, our design team will redesign a website that is tailored to the customer's needs.


Launch Website

Once the website design is complete, our team will launch the website and make it available for public viewing.

Redesign Your Website Today and See Results Fast

A professional and user-centric design ensures that you stand out and effectively connect with your target audience, ultimately driving more revenue and growth for your business.



You buy securely via our verified payment provider Digistore24.
website redesign

We Love to Answer Your Question About Website Redesign

Frequently Asked Questions about Webdesign 2.0 – Answers Here! 

Our packages include website design tailored to your exact specifications and desires, comprehensive on-page SEO strategy, website audit for optimization opportunities, website security checklist compliant with GDPR regulations, friendly customer support team available via phone or email, content replenishment to ensure website freshness and relevance, and affordable fixed-price packages with no hidden costs.

The timeline for redesign depends on the size of the website and its complexity. Generally, website redesigns can be completed within a two weeks.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and direct bank transfers.

We can redesign sites on a variety of website platforms including WordPress, Magento, Squarespace, Shopify and Wix.

Yes, redesign is included in our fixed-price packages.

The Security Checklist compliant with GDPR regulations involves website security measures such as encryption of website data to safeguard against unauthorized access, website security audits to detect threats and vulnerabilities, website maintenance updates, user authentication procedures such as two-factor authentication, website back-ups and website firewalls.

Our friendly customer support team is available via email or phone to provide advice and assistance as needed.

website redesign